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The flame effect is realistic and the room will warm up as if you were in front of a traditional fireplace

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Choose from our catalog the new solar-heated showers for outdoor, garden, pool, beach, camping. They adapt to any outdoor need, including furniture. Excellent quality, Italian design, many colors and variations for every need in both domestic and commercial settings.

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The Palm Leaf Shower is the Perfect Solution for Your Outdoor Space

Vetrina dell`Artigiano is pleased to present its latest addition: the Palm Leaf Solar Shower, a masterpiece of craftsmanship that combines the beauty of nature with technological innovation to transform your outdoor space into a tropical oasis.

The Palm Leaf Shower is the perfect addition for those who love to live outdoors. Carefully crafted by artisans, this solar shower is designed to provide a unique outdoor showering experience, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of your home in the midst of nature.

Main Features:

Unique Design:The Palm Leaf Solar Shower features a palm leaf-inspired design that will blend seamlessly into your outdoor environment. It will be a striking decoration element in your garden, terrace or pool area.

Solar Technology: This shower is environmentally friendly and energy efficient thanks to its integrated solar panel. It collects solar energy during the day to provide hot water for your outdoor shower.

Quality Materials:The structure is made of weather-resistant materials, ensuring durability over time and minimizing the amount of maintenance required.

Easy to Install:The Palm Leaf Shower is delivered with all the necessary instructions and accessories for quick and easy installation.

Elegance and Relaxation:With the Palm Leaf Solar Shower, you can enjoy a refreshing shower under the sun or the stars, adding a touch of luxury and nature to your outdoor space.

\"The Palm Leaf Solar Shower available in 4 colors is the result of our commitment to offering high-quality, one-of-a-kind products,\" says the Vetrina dell`Artigiano spokesperson. \"We want to provide our customers with an exceptional outdoor shower experience, bringing the beauty of nature right into their homes.\"

Don`t miss the opportunity to transform your outdoor space into a tropical oasis with the Palm Black Leaf Solar Shower. Find out all the details and buy now at Craftsman`s Showcase - Palm Leaf Shower.

Choose the luxury of nature and make your outdoor experience an unforgettable moment with the Starmatrix Palm Leaf Shower!\"

Blue Leaf: New Elegant Solar Shower, 35L, Eco-Design STARMATRIX LEAF SHOWER BLU
Outdoor Shower Blue

Starmatrix Foglia Blu Doccia a Riscaldamento Solare Curva In Polietilene Altezza 220 Cm Blu

319,01 Vat included

Green Outdoor Solar Shower: Efficient, Ecological, Elegant STARMATRIX LEAF SHOWER GREEN
Green Outdoor Shower

Starmatrix Foglia Verde Doccia a Riscaldamento Solare Curva In Polietilene Altezza 220 Cm Verde

319,01 Vat included



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Showers for Gardens and Pools OnLine   Showers for Gardens and Pools OnLine