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The flame effect is realistic and the room will warm up as if you were in front of a traditional fireplace

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Choose from our catalog the new solar-heated showers for outdoor, garden, pool, beach, camping. They adapt to any outdoor need, including furniture. Excellent quality, Italian design, many colors and variations for every need in both domestic and commercial settings.

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 shower with outdoor timer
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 shower with foot washer and timer
 solar timed shower


Italianmade solar showers with footwash timer and mixer

Shower with footwash and timer is part of the AISI 316L aluminium shower series made in Italy. Outdoor showers of excellent quality, also with multiple stations. Ideal for contexts with high simultaneous use by several people. Ideal for swimming pools, campsites, BeB, hotels and all accommodation facilities in general.

What is so special about an outdoor shower with timer in this series? Basically, it has all the accessories you could possibly need to make the most of it while avoiding any waste......such as water!

One of the main features of the outdoor shower with foot washer is the fact that it is made entirely of aluminium with an anti-corrosion treatment, and all the accessories are chrome-plated.

Both the showers and the foot washer do not require pumps, control units and various equipment. No electrical connections are therefore required.

Shower cleaning
For cleaning, simply use water and mild soap (household detergent) with non-rough cloths to avoid dulling the stainless steel hose. Do not use descaling solvents, acids or alcohol.

If the shower is to be left unused for a long period of time in an environment where there is a possibility of frost, it must be emptied completely.
If the shower is left mounted outdoors during the winter period, it is also advisable to protect it with a suitable cover to preserve it from the weather.
If the supply water contains impurities, it is essential to install a suitable filter.
For correct operation, the recommended pressure is 2 to 4 bar

The water connections are ¾". The recommended pipe diameter is ½". If the shower is installed far from the supply point, a pipe diameter of ¾" is recommended. offers only showers made in Italy and all can take advantage of special offers both AS BEST PRICE AND QUANTITY`click on the image below to find out how to

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outdoor stainless steel shower with 2 timed positions ATI MUL-2P
Timed Double Outdoor Shower
DOCCIA-INOX-2SOFFIONI-T Timed Double Outdoor Shower

Sined Doccia Doppia Da Esterno Con Pulsanti Temporizzati In Acciaio 316l Inox

2208,2 Vat included

3-station timed outdoor shower with discount ATI MUL-3P
Timed Outdoor Triple Shower
DOCCIA-INOX-3SOFFIONI-T Timed Outdoor Triple Shower

Sined Doccia Tripla Da Esterno In Acciaio Inox 316l Con Pulsanti Temporizzati Inox

2488,8 Vat included

Multi timed outdoor shower for establishment ATI MUL-4P
Multi Timed Outdoor Shower
DOCCIA-INOX-4SOFFIONI-T Multi Timed Outdoor Shower

Sined Doccia Da Esterno a 4 Postazioni In Acciaio 316l Con Pulsanti Temporizzati Inox

2781,6 Vat included

New stainless steel shower and timer for garden ATI UNI-1P
Stainless Steel Shower And Timer
DOCCIA-INOX-ANCONA-T Stainless Steel Shower And Timer

Sined Doccia Realizzata In Acciaio Inox 316l Con Pulsante Temporizzato Made In Italy Inox

1244,4 Vat included



Electric fireplace made of good materials

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Showers for Gardens and Pools OnLine   Showers for Gardens and Pools OnLine