wifi thermostats catalogue at the best online price

wifi thermostats catalogue at the best online price

Chronothermostats and wifi thermostats made in Italy that really work! The ideal solution and ready to use, to regulate and manage the temperature of your home from your smartphone. Total control via APP that can be downloaded directly to AppStore and Google play

We recommend the kit that includes a wifi chronothermostat with the accompanying smartbox, very easy to configure, requiring just a few steps to connect to the network, all you need is an ethernet cable. And it really works!
You can see the simplicity in the picture below, the energy meter is an accessory sold separately.

catalogo cronotermostati wi-fi al miglior prezzo online

Chronothermostat with advanced features, some to note:
- Total control via APP that can be downloaded directly to AppStore and Google play
- Geolocation: allows you to reduce the temperature from the set temperature by moving away from home.
- Energy consumption reading: the energy meter transmits consumption in real time. (accessory sold separately.)
- Adaptability: it works with any type of system (floor, radiators or fan-coil) thanks to the operation
ON/OFF or modulating
- Opening Windows: automatic suspension of operation when a temperature change
of 2°C in X minutes is detected, then checking the stability of the environment in order to restart the systemChronothermostat with f

Another advantage is its expandability (up to 30 devices)
- Possibility of dividing the real estate unit into several zones by adding other chronothermostats to control the valves on the distribution manifold.

Smartbox Perry wireless chronothermostat kit with best price Perry 1TXCR028WIFIKIT
Wireless Smartbox Perry Chronothermostat
Perry-1TXCR028WIFIKIT Wireless Smartbox Perry Chronothermostat

Perry Perry 1txcr028wifikit Bianco Cronotermostato Wireless Smartbox Perry

219,59 Vat included

Perry 1TXCRTX05 wireless white wall mounted chronothermostat Perry 1TXCRTX05
Wireless Wall Thermostat
Perry-1TXCRTX05 Wireless Wall Thermostat

Perry Perry 1txcrtx05 Bianco Cronotermostato a Parete Bianco Senza Fili

120,08 Vat included

Cronus Wireless Thermostat LCD Wall Display and Receiver Perry 1TXCRTX05RX01
Wireless Chronothermostat Complete Wall
Perry-1TXCRTX05RX01 Wireless Chronothermostat Complete Wall

Perry Perry 1txcrtx05rx01 Bianco Cronotermostato Completo Parete

233,84 Vat included

Perry Electricity Meter 1TXME01WIFI on offer Perry 1TXME01WIFI
Perry Electricity Meter
Perry-1TXME01WIFI Perry Electricity Meter

Perry Perry 1txme01wifi Bianco Misuratore Di Energia Elettrica Perry

226,92 Vat included

Perry 1TXRX01WIFI smartboxWIFI for white chronothermostat Perry 1TXRX01WIFI
Smartbox Wi Fi For Chronothermostat
Perry-1TXRX01WIFI Smartbox Wi Fi For Chronothermostat

Perry Perry 1txrx01wifi Bianco Smartbox Wi Fi Per Cronotermostato

168,36 Vat included



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