Video Tutorial Programmable Thermostats ZEFIRO Series

Video Tutorial Programmable Thermostats ZEFIRO Series

Video Manual for setting ZEFIRO series chronothermostats

Chronothermostats 3V digital weekly wall-mounted chronothermostats series ZEFIRO anthracite or white
The weekly chronothermostat suitable for heating and/or cooling systems is equipped with a large, clear display (backlit only for pre-set models) to keep all its functions under control in real time.

The ease of programming is the main feature, in fact, despite the completeness of its functions is very easy to use.
In its permanent memory are already set several programs to 3 and 4 levels of temperature designed to offer maximum comfort, but just a few seconds to choose the temperature you prefer throughout the day (even every 30 minutes!) And for all days of the week.
The chronothermostat, by default, regulates the temperature in ON/OFF differential mode and can be set from 0.2°C to 2°C to adapt to the thermal inertia of your specific system, or you can select the operation in proportional mode with settable duration cycles (7-10-15-20 minutes); this system allows you to keep the desired temperature more stable, increasing the feeling of comfort for the user and saving on energy consumption.

In addition, the chronothermostat has the possibility of automatically anticipating the switch-on (intelligent operation), so that at a certain time you will find yourself with the desired temperature already reached. The set temperature scale is in Centigrade degrees (Celsius) and it is possible to calibrate the room temperature measurement by setting a correction value (from -1.9 to 1.9°C); by switching to Fahrenheit degrees all the set temperature sets are updated according to the new scale.

Particular attention has also been paid to energy saving: the Holiday function, the suspension for domestic cleaning, the optional block of the set temperatures (MAX/MIN), the value of the antifreeze temperature adjustable from 4 to 12°C, the control through the telephone (with optional telephone programmer), allow to avoid energy waste with consequent economic saving.

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