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How to furnish and make functional your outdoor spaces in an elegant way while saving money. Italian taste and excellent materials make these items one of a kind. Always available and with great price!

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 Sale of good and cheap coloured resin garden fountains


garden fountains

Sale of good and cheap coloured resin garden fountains

SINED is pleased to present our commercial proposal to its customers,
the line of coloured polyethylene garden fountains.

For all our customers who need a beautiful, economical and extremely practical coloured garden fountain.

Very easy to position, requiring no specific technical skills, a coloured drinking fountain is very useful for public or private gardens, for swimming pools with winter cover and campsites.

Of course, given the wide range of colours, any user can position it anywhere and with its particular design it also proves to be a simple traditional fountain or furnishing accessory.

Equipped with a tap provided with a pump connection, this polyethylene fountain is very useful for all watering, cleaning or maintenance tasks.

The whole series is supplied with a hose reel fitting and the tap itself is prepared as a hose holder and the fitting for ground fixing.

The special care taken in the design and manufacture makes these camping fountains particularly resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays.

Although the Arkema Design drinking fountain is small and not at all cumbersome, with a height of 100 cm from the ground and a diameter of 8 cm, it is suitable and particularly functional for the purpose for which it was designed.

- Ideal for gardens, swimming pools, apartment blocks, beaches, dog areas
- Height 100 cm
- Diameter 8 cm
- Black Matt metal alloy tap
- Predisposition for garden hose couplings
- Fixing plugs included
- Internal 15 Kgs braided and metal hoses
- Side water inlet only
- Easily movable
- Easy and immediate installation
- Requires no special assembly skills
- Easily sanitised
- Fountain made of HDPE (high-strength polyethylene) resistant to UV rays, limescale and salt.
- Suitable for all outdoor activities, also for marine environments.
- Ideal for garden watering or outdoor areas.
- Simple to set up, it adapts easily to many environments.

Ideal for watering public and private gardens SINED ACQUA-WHITE
White Garden Fountain
FONTANA-ACQUA-BIANCA White Garden Fountain

Sined Acqua Fontana Da Giardino In Polietilene Ideale Per Innaffiare Il Giardino Bianca

119 Vat included

Fountain irrigation gardens parks and outdoor spaces SINED ACQUA-BLACK
Black Garden Fountain
FONTANA-ACQUA-NERA Black Garden Fountain

Sined Acqua Fontanella In Polietilene Con Attacco Laterale Ideale Per Innaffiare Nera

Modern red garden watering fountain SINED ACQUA-RED
Red Garden Fountain

Sined Acqua Fontanella Da Giardino Con Attacco Laterale Acqua In Polietilene Rossa

119 Vat included

Fountain gardens, swimming pools, condominiums, beaches, dog SINED ACQUA-BROWN
Dove Brown Outdoor Fountain
FONTANA-ACQUA-TORTORA Dove Brown Outdoor Fountain

Sined Acqua Fontanella Esterna In Polietilene Con Attacco Laterale Acqua Tortora

119 Vat included

New Sined green outdoor drinking fountain at good price SINED ACQUA-GREEN
Green Garden Fountain
FONTANA-ACQUA-VERDE Green Garden Fountain

Sined Acqua Fontanella In Polietilene Con Attacco Laterale Ideale Per Innaffiare Verde

119 Vat included



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