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Energy meters

Energy meters

For years we have been dealing with single and three-phase energy meters made by Perry, an established and certified brand on the Italian market.
Competitive prices and maximum quality distinguish these two brands that market devices suitable for monitoring the main electrical quantities and measuring active and reactive energy in single-phase and three-phase AC systems. For the control of the measured quantities, models are available with relay output or serial output

All products are CE certified
These instruments are static meters for displaying the consumption of active energy in single-phase 230 V systems.

This is an EU directive that applies to measuring instruments (Water Meters, Gas Meters, Electricity Meters, Heat Meters, Taximeters, Continuous and Dynamic Measuring Instruments for liquids other than water) and regulates their production, marketing and commissioning. The Directive finds application where there are reasons of public interest, public health, public safety, public order, protection of the environment, protection of consumers, imposition of taxes and duties and fair trading.

Single-phase electricity meters an example

Contatore di energia monofase 1 DIN

Modular single-phase ACTIVE energy meter 230V 50-60Hz 30A
Single-phase energy meter 1 DIN direct insertion 6kw Sealable terminal covers 230V /- self-powered 50÷60 Hz class 2 reading resolution 0.01kWh numerator 99999.99 kWh (5 integer 2 decimal) output pulses standard EN62053-21 Perry-1SDSD06CEMThe Electricity Meter accounts for ACTIVE energy consumption in single-phase 230V systems, up to the maximum current of 30A, with a 100ms open-collector pulse output every 10W consumed

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Singlephase Energy Meter 30a 2din

Perry-1SDSD05CEM-2 Singlephase Energy Meter 30a 2din Available 1555 Pz

Contatore Di Energia Monofase - 2 Din 230v +/- 10% Autoalimentata 50÷60 Hz, Classe 2 Risoluzione Lettura 0,01 Kwh Numeratore 99999,99 Kwh (5 Interi + 2 Decimali) Impulsi In Uscita Norme En62053-21 Perry-1sdsd05cem-2 Contatore Di Energia Monofase 30a 2di

• single phase energy meter
• energy meter
• single phase 30a meter
• meter
• perry 1sdsd05cem-2

Vat included

Singlephase Energy Meter 1 Din

Perry-1SDSD06CEM-1 Singlephase Energy Meter 1 Din Available 828 Pz

Counts Active Energy Consumption In Single-phase 230v Ac Systems, Up To a Maximum Current Of 45a With Direct Connection, With Pulse Output: Open Collector Transistor 5-27 v D.c. Max 27 Ma D.c. Standards En62053-21 Perry-1sdsd06cem-1

• active energy meter
• modular single-phase meter
• single-phase meter
• modular meter
• perry 1sdsd06cem-1

Vat included



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Articles for the control of electrical a   Articles for the control of electrical a