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Black Outdoor Shower
Black Outdoor Shower

MPC  Black Outdoor Shower is a product on offer at the best price

MPC  Black Outdoor Shower is a product on offer at the best price

Black Outdoor Shower

Black Outdoor Shower

Black Outdoor Shower


Choose from our catalog the new solar-heated showers for outdoor, garden, pool, beach, camping. They adapt to any outdoor need, including furniture. Excellent quality, Italian design, many colors and variations for every need in both domestic and commercial settings.

Black Outdoor Shower
Black Outdoor Shower
 solar shower garden design leaves
 black outdoor ecological shower 220cm
 elegant solar hot water solution
 self-scaling shower with mixer
 zero environmental impact solar shower

Black Outdoor Shower
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Black Outdoor Shower
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Black Outdoor Shower

Black Outdoor Shower MPC  Black Outdoor Shower is a product on offer at the best price MPC  Black Outdoor Shower is a product on offer at the best price MPC  Black Outdoor Shower is a product on offer at the best price MPC  Black Outdoor Shower is a product on offer at the best price
Elegant And Innovative Black Outdoor Solar Shower: Leaves Design, Environmentally Friendly Solution With 35-liter Tank, Self-decalcifying Shower Head, Single Handle Mixer, Cold Water Faucet, Garden Hose Connection, Winter Drain, Stable And Safe.

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The black outdoor solar shower is a significant innovation for the garden, combining design, functionality and environmental friendliness. Standing 220 cm tall, its leaf-inspired design blends harmoniously with the environment, transforming it not only into a useful accessory but also into a real piece of furniture.

The HDPE high-density polyethylene tank has a capacity of 35 liters, enough to guarantee several shower sessions with hot water, thanks to solar energy that eliminates the need for other energy sources. The large anti-limescale shower head is designed to provide a relaxing and enjoyable showering experience, while the single-lever mixer makes it easy to adjust the water temperature according to individual preferences.

The shower is equipped with an additional cold water faucet, increasing its versatility: ideal for a refreshment on hot summer days or for a relaxing hot bath. In addition, the garden hose connection further expands the shower's use, making it suitable for watering plants or cleaning garden tools.

Another innovative feature is the winter drain plug, which helps prepare the shower for the cold months, preventing frost damage and extending product life. The sturdy 340 x 300 mm base ensures stability and safety, and the maximum operating pressure of 3 bar ensures optimal water flow, making every use of the shower a pleasant and relaxing time.

Technically, the shower combines a quality tank with an efficient anti-scale shower head and easy temperature controls. Stylish design and eco-friendly functionality make this solar shower a smart investment for those who want to enhance their outdoor space and reduce their environmental impact by harnessing solar energy for daily comfort. Every moment of use is transformed into an experience of pure pleasure, in harmony with nature and respect for the environment.

Black Outdoor Shower
Black Outdoor Shower

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Black Outdoor Shower   Black Outdoor Shower
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Black Outdoor Shower   Black Outdoor Shower