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Gray Outdoor Shower
Gray Outdoor Shower

MPC  Gray Outdoor Shower is a product on offer at the best price

MPC  Gray Outdoor Shower is a product on offer at the best price

Gray Outdoor Shower

Gray Outdoor Shower

Gray Outdoor Shower

MPC  Gray Outdoor Shower is a product on offer at the best price

Gray Outdoor Shower

Gray Outdoor Shower

Gray Outdoor Shower


Choose from our catalog the new solar-heated showers for outdoor, garden, pool, beach, camping. They adapt to any outdoor need, including furniture. Excellent quality, Italian design, many colors and variations for every need in both domestic and commercial settings.

Gray Outdoor Shower
Gray Outdoor Shower
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Gray Outdoor Shower
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Gray Outdoor Shower
Shower with cold hot water mixerYES
Shower with Foot FaucetYES
Shower shapeLEAF
Shower tank capacity in Litres35
Color RAL7037
Shower with shower headYES
Solar Heating ShowerYES
Shower head diameter cm20
Shower Head Diameter Inches7,87
Fixing dowels includedNO
Anti-scale filter includedNO
Protective bag includedNO
Shower height cm220
Shower base measurements cm34X30
Hot Water Diverter Footwash/ShowerNO
Footwash typeRUBINET
Country of productionChina
TypeGrigia con accessori cromati
CommentSpecial Price Summer 2024
NoteSpecial offer
TipoGray with chrome accessories
Gray Outdoor Shower

Gray Outdoor Shower MPC  Gray Outdoor Shower is a product on offer at the best price MPC  Gray Outdoor Shower is a product on offer at the best price MPC  Gray Outdoor Shower is a product on offer at the best price MPC  Gray Outdoor Shower is a product on offer at the best price
Elegant Grey Outdoor Solar Shower: Union Of Technology And Nature, Innovative Design, Ecological Heating, Durable 35l Tank, Anti-limescale Shower Head, Easy Temperature Control And Installation - Symbol Of a Sustainable Future

Polietilene HD
Price : EUR 319
Condition: New
Availability: InStock
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In the modern era, where concern for the environment and technological innovation go hand in hand, a solution that harmonizes both stands out: the gray outdoor solar shower. This device not only enriches the experience of garden owners, but also represents a significant step toward environmental sustainability.

Unique Design and Integrated with Nature

The shower, 220 cm high, features a design inspired by natural forms and a gray color that blends in with the outdoor environment, lending elegance and a modern touch to the garden. In addition to being a functional object, it becomes an attention-grabbing design element.

Solar Technology for Sustainability

The shower's solar heating system uses the sun's energy to heat water, eliminating the need for other energy sources and thus reducing CO2 emissions. This feature makes the shower an environmentally friendly choice for those who are conscious of the environmental impact of their actions.

Resistant 35-Liter Tank

The tank, made of HDPE polyethylene, has a capacity of 35 liters and is built to withstand the elements. The choice of durable materials ensures a long product life, reducing the need for frequent replacement.

Large Size Anti-Limescale Showerhead

The showerhead is designed to resist limescale, minimizing the need for maintenance and ensuring prolonged functionality. This allows users to enjoy a pleasant shower with less concern for maintenance.

Easy and Precise Temperature Control

Access to temperature control is immediate with the single-lever mixer faucet that allows users to adjust hot or cold water quickly and easily, further enhancing user comfort.

Additional Features for Versatility

An additional faucet provides cold water for hot days or for a quick, refreshing shower.
A garden hose connection makes it easy to fill and maintain the tank.
A winter drain plug makes it easy to prepare the shower for the cold months by protecting it from freezing.
Optimal Pressure and Constant Flow

With a maximum pressure of 3 bar, the shower ensures an ideal water flow, making every use a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Easy and Safe Installation

The 340 x 300 mm base ensures stability and safety during use. The ease of installation, along with the durability and minimal maintenance required by quality materials, makes this solar shower a practical option for any garden.

The solar-heated outdoor shower is not only a useful accessory, but a symbol of a sustainable future in which technology and respect for the environment coexist harmoniously. With its innovative design, outstanding functionality and a commitment to sustainability, it is a smart investment for those who want to enhance their outdoor space while contributing positively to the environment.
Gray Outdoor Shower
Gray Outdoor Shower

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Gray Outdoor Shower   Gray Outdoor Shower
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Gray Outdoor Shower   Gray Outdoor Shower